These are our top 3 ways to get and stay organized in 2022:

Here at Valley View Granite, we strive to make your home or commercial space beautiful and make your personality shine through. However, to be able to truly enjoy your space, it's important to be organized and orderly.

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." ~ William Morris

These are our top 3 ways to get and stay organized in 2022:

1. Start Simple

If you are like most people, you have probably said, "I am going to get this house organized, get rid of everything I don't use and never let my home get this way again!" (cue thoughts to junk drawer). However, biting off more than you can chew can discourage us from finishing any project, especially home organizing. Setting small, realistic goals gives you a better chance at success.

What you can do: Choose one room at a time to declutter. Categorize this clutter into either keep, throw out or donate. Going room by room will help you to not feel overwhelmed and give you little bursts of confidence that you can continue this process throughout your home.

Declutter - Keep, Throw Out or Donate

2. Get a Calendar and Use It

Are you like me and buy a calendar or planner at the beginning of the year thinking you're going to use it and then it sits in a desk drawer to never be seen until you replace it the next year? FINALLY, USE IT! Use it for everything! Putting everything into one calendar will help you organize your thoughts, your time and allow you to be more productive.

What you can do: Jot down everything including appointments, vacations, tasks, shopping trips and even cleaning. Planning out your cleaning tasks will help you not feel overwhelmed and be able to accomplish small goals which will lead to a more organized and clean lifestyle.

3. Create a Routine

If the idea of using a calendar to plan out your life sounds like something from corporate Wall Street, it may be because you do not believe you have a routine. Everyone has some sort of "routine", whether it be daily, weekly or even monthly. For example, you may make your bed daily, pay your bills weekly and clean out your wallet monthly. Having your routine written out will not only help you visualize it, but it gives you better chances of actually succeeding.

What you can do: Start by creating routines based on what you already do, then add tasks you would like to incorporate into a new routine. When life gets overwhelming or stressful you can refer to the routines you created and stay on top of things.

“Creating routines to accomplishing tasks will make sure even the mundane things get done around the house,” -Amber Kostelny, Professional Organizer

Not only is it important to keep our homes organized, it's equally (if not more) important to keep our minds, life and schedules organized. Using all of these ideas and tools will ensure that you have a more clutter-free home and mind, ultimately leading to a much happier new year!

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